YOUniverse Yoga


YOUniverse Yoga,  Thursdays, 17:30


You and the universe are one – remember it and experience it.  This class opens your physical and emotional body with creative asanas, and ways to go partially or fully into the poses – learning as you practice.  Combining the benefits of Yin and Yang asanas, with use of the breath and intention,  we move toward that state of universal flow and acceptance of your inner peace as a reflection of the beauty and energy of everything that flows into your life.  Stillness, patience, determination and joy in your life become reflections of the way you perceive the world.  Inner and outer space begin to merge by staying present in the now, and can bring some new perspectives for you.

As Hildegard von Bingen wrote: “Inside, you have heaven and earth and all of creation.  You are a world – everything is hidden in you.”

My goal is to bring you into your heart through breath-work, deep relaxation and intention, and then to create a state of coherence between mind and heart.  A state where the heart is receiving and sending intuitive knowledge that is accessed through the inner-self.  This is one of the cornerstones of spiritual knowledge and practice throughout the world today.   And when you tap into your coherence between mind and heart, you open the door to an unlimited universe that is in you.  Suitable for all ages and levels.  [75 min]